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Natural Kathryn Bilum

Natural Kathryn Bilum

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This is a donated bilum.

Supporting Female Bilum Weavers

The craft of bilum weaving has been passed down to Papua New Guinean women from their mothers and grandmothers across generations. Traditional natural bilums hold great cultural significance and often take weeks to make.

Making a Natural Bilum

After gathering local plants and trees, the weaver removes the bark from the stem of the plant, and beats it until it is completely flat. She then waits for the bark to dry before separating it into thin, loose strips - ready to be spun into fibrous threads. The weaver then places one strip of bark on her thigh and rolls it backwards and forwards against her leg. A long, flexible strand (called 'bush rop') is formed. After washing the thread, it is ready to be woven into a bilum.

Our Cause

Since opening in 2014, Femili PNG has provided over 6,100 survivors of family and sexual violence with access to safe accommodation, law and justice interventions, medical assistance, vocational support, and more. All bilum sales go directly towards supporting Femili PNG's life-changing services.

Product Details

  • Source: Donated
  • Condition: Okay (worn)
  • Material: Natural 
  • Design: "Kathryn" woven in purple nature fibre
  • Size: 28cm (W) x 24cm (H)
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