Coffee with a cause.

Delicious Papua New Guinean coffee that supports Papua New Guinean women.

Every bag sold supports survivors of family and sexual violence.

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Emily had been subject to ongoing intimate partner violence and sexual violence from her husband since the start of their marriage. All of her children showed physical signs of malnutrition and one was hospitalised. Femili PNG arranged safe house accommodation for Emily and her children, where they stayed for seven weeks while waiting for the outcome of legal proceedings.

Femili PNG also supported Emily as she reported her case to the police. Her husband was arrested and charged, and the court ordered his employer to directly pay PGK 400.00 every fortnight into Emily’s bank account. The Child Protection Officer conducted further family assessment work in Port Moresby prior to the repatriation occurring, collected the Emily and children at Jackson airport and initiated re-integration with the family. Goods were purchased to assist Emily to start a small business in Port Moresby.

Emily and her children are now safe and living with her family in Port Moresby.

- Not her real name

Rachael is a widowed mother of one who never thought she would be harmed by the people she knew. Rachael was physically assaulted by a group of men in her community because she was accused of sorcery after the death of someone in the area where she lived. She couldn’t run away because she was badly injured from the cuts and bruises that the perpetrators inflicted on her.

She was tortured and almost killed, when fortunately, the police intervened and rescued her. Rachael was later referred to Femili PNG by the police and was assisted to access medical treatment for her wounds at the hospital and with her other basic needs during this time. Femili PNG worked closely with Oxfam to ensure Rachael's safety.

With the help of police, she was relocated to a safer location until the arrest of the perpetrators.

- Not her real name