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FemiliPNG Australia

Femili PNG Tote Bag

Femili PNG Tote Bag

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The Common Good Co.

Our mission at FemiliPNG Australia is to be an effective, efficient, and ethical organisation supporting local solutions to family and sexual violence in PNG. This mission underlies everything we do, from the way we collaborate with Femili PNG, to the tote bags we choose to fundraise with.

As expertly explained by The Common Good Co., "you cannot exploit women and children in one country to empower them in other".

If we are to truly achieve our mission of being an ethical organisation, the tote bags we sell and use must also be ethical.

This led us to partner with The Common Good Co - a t-shirt and tote bag company with a real commitment to sustainable and ethical production. They're B-Corp and Fairtrade certified - making them leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. All their tote bags are ethically made in India from 100% recycled materials, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and the ocean. 

Learn more about The Common Good Co. here.

L-Wengembo Artwork

The artwork on this tote bag was designed by Papua New Guinean artist Lesley Wengembo.

"The inspiration behind this design is the idea of woman as the backbone of Papua New Guinea, represented by a silhouette of a woman carrying a baby in a bilum. The mark-making in this image comes from my influences when I was young. The detail in the patterns is not repeated because I drew inspiration from different regions in PNG.

  • The design of the woman's head is from Momase region, resembling a Sepik mask.
  • Her shoulders are influenced by the lime bottle (for betel nut) from the Southern region.
  • The bilum is a mixture of island region designs, mostly inspired by New Ireland, with the spiral elements reflecting Southern influences.
  • The bottom half of the design combines elements from the Highlands with other regions too.
The image represents the shared and common role women play in PNG's community. They are the mothers of the nation and deserve respect."

Lesley was born in Goroka and raised in Port Moresby. He started painting in 2012 when he followed his mum to a monthly craft market at Moresby National Art Theatre. There, he saw the work of the late Martin Morobubuna and was influenced by his work.

In recent years Lesley's work has focused on hyper-realistic portraiture in oils. He loves painting faces and feels it connects him to his culture and Papa New Guinean identity. Lesley has been a two-time Archibald Prize entrant.

Femili PNG

Femili PNG is a leading Papua New Guinean NGO that runs free support services for survivors of family and sexual violence in Lae, Port Moresby and Goroka. They also operate the Bel is PNG safe house in Port Moresby.

Since opening in 2014, Femili PNG has helped over 5,900 clients access legal interventions, medical assistance, safe accommodation, financial support, and more. They also undertake outreach in communities and schools, to raise awareness about violence and how to get help. They train community leaders to support survivors in locations they can’t reach directly; and collaborate closely with other service providers to enhance their impact.

FemiliPNG Australia is an Australian support organisation for Femili PNG. We are focused on supporting locally-led initiatives for survivors of violence in PNG. All proceeds from our tote bags support Femili PNG's vital case management services.

Product Details

  • Design: Femili PNG logo and L-Wengembo Artwork
  • Colour: Black
  • Features: Inner pocket
  • Material: 100% Recycled Cotton
  • Made In: India
  • Tote Bag Brand: The Common Good Co.
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