About us

The Femili PNG shop raises funds for Femili PNG, a Papua New Guinean non-profit that runs free support services for survivors of family and sexual violence.

The shop is run by FemiliPNG Australia, Femili PNG's support non-profit organisation in Australia.

We sell a wide range of items, from clothing to coffee. All profits from sales are directed towards supporting survivors of family and sexual violence in PNG, as guaranteed by FemiliPNG Australia's mission. Some of the ways that we have supported survivors include:

  • By fully funding the Femili PNG Goroka Outpost, with the assistance of the Australian NGO Cooperation Program.
  • By providing expertise and advice to Femili PNG in areas including program development, financial management and technical support.
  • By helping Femili PNG to secure funding directly through partnering with organisations such as the United Nations, DFAT and the Bel Isi PNG Initiative.

By purchasing from our shop you are supporting survivors of family and sexual violence across Papua New Guinea.

Thank you for your support.