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Brown Stripes Baby Bilum

Brown Stripes Baby Bilum

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This is a donated bilum.

The Meaning Behind the Bilum

Bilum weaving has been passed down to Papua New Guinean women from their mothers and grandmothers across generations. The word "bilum" in Tok Pisin means "womb". It symbolises the beginning of life, and many mothers use their bilums to carry and protect their babies.

The Baby Bilum

The baby bilum is typically woven out of a soft material into a large, circular shape. The handles are usually left open and tied together with a knot, so the mother can adjust the length of the handles depending on the weight of the baby. Today, baby bilums are also used to carry various other heavy loads (e.g., fruit and vegetables).

Our Cause

Being crafted exclusively by Papua New Guinean women, bilums represent an opportunity to empower women economically. When purchased from FemiliPNG Australia, bilum sales also support survivors of family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea.

Product Details

Source: Donated
Condition: Excellent
Material: Cotton
Design: Cream with grey speckles and a brown stripe 
Features: Tie Handle
Size: 72cm (W) x 46cm (H)

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